Garages are used for parking cars and second to that, the most common usage for garages is storage. Garage shelving is something that almost every garage owner has to tackle sooner or later as that is the most popular way extra space is made in the garage.

All you need to do is go down to your local home improvement store like Home Depot and you will find an abundance of garage shelving ideas. You can buy shelves that attach to the wall or ones that are free standing. You can have wood, plastic, metal, or almost any other kind of garage shelves. you need to know what kind of wall you are going to attach you shelves to. Wood walls and cement walls require different types of attachement for your garage shelves.

If you are looking for the strongest garage shelves, those would probably be ones made out of wire and steel. These are often coated in plastic which also makes them durable and resistant to rusting in a wet atmosphere.

If you are looking for more garage shelving ideas and options, you might try adjustable shelves and railing garage shelves. With this type of garage shelves, you get a unit that can be pulled in and out for convenience. It is hard though, to store heavy object on this kind of shelf.


Do you need an outdoor garage to park that 3rd car or for additional garage storage? How about a place to just get away that you can call your own where you can store your tools or have a work area. If you are thinking of building that 2nd garage then you have probably heard about wood garage kits.

If you want to build that garage yourself, garage kits come with instructions for assembly that almost anyone can follow. It of course helps if you have some woodworking knowledge and maybe a helping hand from a friend but once you get it up, it will look great.

When you start deciding what type of wood garage kit to get, you need to take many things into consideration before you make your final decision. For walls you need to know whether they are interlocking or slip joint and how they come together. Garage doors and windows can be attached to the garage in several ways and you need to know how they open. You will also have to decide how many doors and windows will be ideal for your standalone wood garage.

Not all wood garage kits come with floor as many people don't want one. If you are going to use your wood garage for something where people or kids hang out you want to make sure your kit comes with a floor. The roof needs to work for the type of weather you have in your area. If you have a lot of snow, you need to get a wood garage kit with a strong roof that will not collapse. If you have lots of rain you must make sure your roof is water tight and won't leak.

Wood garage kits come in all types of wood. The wood can be stained, varnished, or finished in many different ways and sometimes you need to buy extra materials to properly take care of the wood or else it will deteriorate. Additionally some garage kits come with shingles and some don't.

Wood garage kits will allow you to build that get a way garage where you can relax and spend some extra time or use for whatever needs you have. It is an inexpensive way to add storage space to your house or build a workshop that wouldn't fit in your house garage. The great thing is that these garage kits can be used by almost anyone.