How many times have you walked by a house that had one or more of it's garage doors open and you could see that there was no room in there to park their car? Homeowners it seems are increasingly apt to use their garages for storage and not for the real reason they are there: to protect their cars!

My neighbor across the street has a two car garage and one of his cars sits in front of his house 365 days a year because there is no room to park it inside. We have to constantly look at his ugly car and it is quite annoying. I guess it could be worse and he could have both cars relegated to the curb if both side of his garage were cluttered with junk.

What you do with your garage is of course your own business but it is always good to be respectful of your neighbors and the view they have. Houses are much prettier to look at if the cars are neatly tucked away in the garage than if they are always in the driveway or at the curb.

As garages become bigger (as do houses) why are homeowners accumulating so much junk that they can't even save enough space to park their cars? And don't they like getting into a warm car in the winter rather than a freezing one that has been parked outside all night? I am sure I will never know the answers to these questions but before you look for cool garage ideas for your own home, make sure you clear enough space to keep your car(s) inside. Your neighbors will thank you!

Here is a short video to help you with your garage clutter and organization: