Every man needs a man cave, or so they say. It is good for the guy of the house to have at least one room or space he can call his own as most of the rest of the house will probably revolve around things the woman wants.

One of the best garage ideas is to make your garage (or a section of it) into that man cave that you want and deserve. Of course, the bigger your garage is the better suited it will be for this very important purpose.

One of the best reasons your garage is the perfect place is that it is separate from the rest of the house. That means you can make noise and do pretty much whatever you want there and your wife or girlfriend will probably not care. Women are notorious for not being interested in the garage and that is why guys can get away with most anything in that one part of the house.

Your garage man cave can be all sorts of thing including a garage workshop, a garage game room, a garage workout room / gym, a garage office, or a garage sports room. You can set it up with big screen TV's to play video games on or you can put in a loud stereo and crank the music. The thing is, in your garage man cave you can do whatever you choose to just as long is it doesn't get in the way of her car!
Heating in the winter is going to be your biggest obstacle. If you are going to want to spend any time in there in the winter months you are going to have to figure out a way to heat your garage man cave. Or you can really accept that it is a cave an go without heat. Admittedly this garage idea will work better in a place like Arizona or Hawaii where cold temperatures are not an issue.