More and more people are wanting to have an office of some sort in their homes. If your house is a little short on rooms or space, you might want to think about converting part of your garage into a home office. If you only have one car but have a two car garage, this home improvement idea would work our perfectly.

You should find a way to partition off your garage office and visually separate it from the garage. This is not completely necessary of course, as some people would just want to convert a corner of their garage into an office. But if you have more space to use you might want to consider puting in some type of walls or cubicle walls to create a real office feeling.

Any office is going to need phones, copiers, shredders, and computers. This brings a need for lots of electrical outlets that garages usually do not have. Assuming you don't want to have additional outlets installed, you will need to get some dependable extension cords to bring the electricity to you. Make sure you buy extension cords that are up for the task.

Any garage is going to have heating and cooling problems throughout the year. In the summer, you will have a challenge of keeping your garage cool enough so that it is comfortable to work in. Conversly, in the winter you will be dealing with how to keep it warm. You must also make sure there is ample air circulation year round and the the car fumes do not linger in your office garage.

Depending where you live, you might also have problems with critters. Roaches, mice, rats, spiders, snakes, and other creatures all like to find their way into garages. If you are going to be working out of your garage as an office, you will need to spend extra dollars to make sure your garage office stays bug free. Garage office ideas are good ones but the bugs can get in the way!

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