Are you planning on painting your garage walls and need some garage color ideas? If you are, you might be anxious to pick the right colors for your garage. Picking the right colour might be a challenge to make your garage look just right with that cool color or if you chose the wrong one it may look downright awful. When you start to plan all those garage ideas, you should think about the ways people respond to the different colors:

Black is often connected and associated to darkness and despair. It is also used often around death so you might want to consider carefully before using black. The color black will absorb most light and unless you want your cool garage to become a dungeon, black might be used sparingly.

Whit is the opposite of black as it reflects about 85% of light. White makes rooms seem brighter and larger. White is a traditional choice for garages and often a good one as there are few windows offering natural light in most garages. The downside to white is that it is easy to scrape and mark and hard to cover up.

Red is an exciting color that is vibrant and stimulating. If you want your garage to be a place to hang out, like maybe a sports garage or a garage game room, red might be a great color to choose. Darker shades of red will create a sense of warmth so you can pick how deep a shade of red you want to create the correct atmosphere.

Orange has similar characteristics of red and may also work well if you want a garage with excitement. Just like red, the brighter shade of orange you use, the more lively your garage will become. If you use a soft shade of orange it will add warmth to your garage but orange is for sure a garage color that is not meant for everyone.

Green could be a good choice for a garage or a garage game room. If you were going to have a pool table or ping pong table in your garage, green or light green garage walls might look great. Be mindful that the darker the green you choose the more it will act like black. .

It is thought that blue works to calm people's nervous systems and it can soften bright rooms. Lighter shades of blue work to make people feel comforted and peaceful while very dark blues work much the same as black and dark green.

Yellow is another colour full of energy and one that can be used if you want an exciting garage environment. The lighter the yellow you use the more it will work like white to brighten and reflect light. It is a powerful color though that is best not overused and might be combined with blue or some other color to create the desired effect. All garage color ideas are best when they are thoughtfully used and combined with other colors.

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