New houses are being built with bigger garages than in the past. As garages get bigger, more and more people are using their garage as a storage space. I'm not talking about space to store your spare motorcycle parts, but storage for all those other things in life. That leaves them with a need for creative garage storage ideas to take advantage of all the space.

Most people turn to wall mounted shelving in their garages to provide storage space that is easily accessible. You can buy garage shelves that will cover the whole wall so that you have virtually no need to put anything on the floor. Another option that is available in all home improvement stores are free standing shelf units that you assemble yourself. You can buy as many of these units as needed and they are made out of either metal or strong plastic. You can move these around the garage any time you like which is an advantage over the permanent wall mounted shelves.

You can buy wall shelves that attach and hang from the ceiling to add even more garage storage space if you like. You might also use this garage idea if you have little space for storage on the sides of your garage. Units can be bought that will store a variety of things from heavy boxes to sporting equipment such as bicycles.

Garage storage cabinets should be used to store items which might be dangerous or hazardous especially if there are children around. You can buy garage cabinets that lock so that children cannot get in. These cabinets can also be used to store and organize any small items that might be easily lost or misplaced.

Piling up boxes stuffed with items is an obvious choice and what most people end up doing but this leaves and unenviable situation later. As the years go buy, not only do you forget what is in the boxes but if you have piled the boxes several rows high, many of them might not be easily accessible. This is one of the reasons why a well thought out garage storage ideas are the way to go before things get unmanageable.

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