Garages are used for parking cars and second to that, the most common usage for garages is storage. Garage shelving is something that almost every garage owner has to tackle sooner or later as that is the most popular way extra space is made in the garage.

All you need to do is go down to your local home improvement store like Home Depot and you will find an abundance of garage shelving ideas. You can buy shelves that attach to the wall or ones that are free standing. You can have wood, plastic, metal, or almost any other kind of garage shelves. you need to know what kind of wall you are going to attach you shelves to. Wood walls and cement walls require different types of attachement for your garage shelves.

If you are looking for the strongest garage shelves, those would probably be ones made out of wire and steel. These are often coated in plastic which also makes them durable and resistant to rusting in a wet atmosphere.

If you are looking for more garage shelving ideas and options, you might try adjustable shelves and railing garage shelves. With this type of garage shelves, you get a unit that can be pulled in and out for convenience. It is hard though, to store heavy object on this kind of shelf.


Do you need an outdoor garage to park that 3rd car or for additional garage storage? How about a place to just get away that you can call your own where you can store your tools or have a work area. If you are thinking of building that 2nd garage then you have probably heard about wood garage kits.

If you want to build that garage yourself, garage kits come with instructions for assembly that almost anyone can follow. It of course helps if you have some woodworking knowledge and maybe a helping hand from a friend but once you get it up, it will look great.

When you start deciding what type of wood garage kit to get, you need to take many things into consideration before you make your final decision. For walls you need to know whether they are interlocking or slip joint and how they come together. Garage doors and windows can be attached to the garage in several ways and you need to know how they open. You will also have to decide how many doors and windows will be ideal for your standalone wood garage.

Not all wood garage kits come with floor as many people don't want one. If you are going to use your wood garage for something where people or kids hang out you want to make sure your kit comes with a floor. The roof needs to work for the type of weather you have in your area. If you have a lot of snow, you need to get a wood garage kit with a strong roof that will not collapse. If you have lots of rain you must make sure your roof is water tight and won't leak.

Wood garage kits come in all types of wood. The wood can be stained, varnished, or finished in many different ways and sometimes you need to buy extra materials to properly take care of the wood or else it will deteriorate. Additionally some garage kits come with shingles and some don't.

Wood garage kits will allow you to build that get a way garage where you can relax and spend some extra time or use for whatever needs you have. It is an inexpensive way to add storage space to your house or build a workshop that wouldn't fit in your house garage. The great thing is that these garage kits can be used by almost anyone.


The garage is a place where most guys have control. Wives usually don't care that much about the garage and so the garage is a place where guys can express their creativity and if there is the extra room, design it however they like.

The avid sports fan needs a place to hang out, maybe watch a game or two, make some noise, put up some sports pictures and pennants, and do anything else they feel like. A big garage can be the perfect place to make your sports room.

Turning your big garage into a sports fan's game room and viewing room is a garage idea that many guys would like to do. Talk about cool garage ideas! You could also add a garage gym into the mix if you want the total guys garage.

You can start with the garage flooring and get your favorite teams logo on the garage floor mats. This sets the tone for the whole area and you can follow that up with a nice LCD flat screen TV hanging from one of the walls. You want to make sure you have hooks to hang all your sports equipment or you might even have lockers to put it in. Lockers that look like sports lockers will create the best looking sports garage possible. Sport lockers in your garage will make it look super cool.

You will then want to paint your garage walls with your favorite team colors to really make things look sick. If you are really talented you might paint your team's logo as well. Painting the garage walls is something everyone can do to make the garage look like a real room rather than an unfinished part of the house.

After that you can complete the garage with pictures, pennants, memorabelia, or anything else you have to create the right sports fan team environment. You can add a ping pong table or pool table if you have room or a comfy couch to watch the games on. A refregerator for gold drinks and snacks along with a microwave will turn this sport fan's garage idea into reality!


Are you planning on painting your garage walls and need some garage color ideas? If you are, you might be anxious to pick the right colors for your garage. Picking the right colour might be a challenge to make your garage look just right with that cool color or if you chose the wrong one it may look downright awful. When you start to plan all those garage ideas, you should think about the ways people respond to the different colors:

Black is often connected and associated to darkness and despair. It is also used often around death so you might want to consider carefully before using black. The color black will absorb most light and unless you want your cool garage to become a dungeon, black might be used sparingly.

Whit is the opposite of black as it reflects about 85% of light. White makes rooms seem brighter and larger. White is a traditional choice for garages and often a good one as there are few windows offering natural light in most garages. The downside to white is that it is easy to scrape and mark and hard to cover up.

Red is an exciting color that is vibrant and stimulating. If you want your garage to be a place to hang out, like maybe a sports garage or a garage game room, red might be a great color to choose. Darker shades of red will create a sense of warmth so you can pick how deep a shade of red you want to create the correct atmosphere.

Orange has similar characteristics of red and may also work well if you want a garage with excitement. Just like red, the brighter shade of orange you use, the more lively your garage will become. If you use a soft shade of orange it will add warmth to your garage but orange is for sure a garage color that is not meant for everyone.

Green could be a good choice for a garage or a garage game room. If you were going to have a pool table or ping pong table in your garage, green or light green garage walls might look great. Be mindful that the darker the green you choose the more it will act like black. .

It is thought that blue works to calm people's nervous systems and it can soften bright rooms. Lighter shades of blue work to make people feel comforted and peaceful while very dark blues work much the same as black and dark green.

Yellow is another colour full of energy and one that can be used if you want an exciting garage environment. The lighter the yellow you use the more it will work like white to brighten and reflect light. It is a powerful color though that is best not overused and might be combined with blue or some other color to create the desired effect. All garage color ideas are best when they are thoughtfully used and combined with other colors.


More and more people are wanting to have an office of some sort in their homes. If your house is a little short on rooms or space, you might want to think about converting part of your garage into a home office. If you only have one car but have a two car garage, this home improvement idea would work our perfectly.

You should find a way to partition off your garage office and visually separate it from the garage. This is not completely necessary of course, as some people would just want to convert a corner of their garage into an office. But if you have more space to use you might want to consider puting in some type of walls or cubicle walls to create a real office feeling.

Any office is going to need phones, copiers, shredders, and computers. This brings a need for lots of electrical outlets that garages usually do not have. Assuming you don't want to have additional outlets installed, you will need to get some dependable extension cords to bring the electricity to you. Make sure you buy extension cords that are up for the task.

Any garage is going to have heating and cooling problems throughout the year. In the summer, you will have a challenge of keeping your garage cool enough so that it is comfortable to work in. Conversly, in the winter you will be dealing with how to keep it warm. You must also make sure there is ample air circulation year round and the the car fumes do not linger in your office garage.

Depending where you live, you might also have problems with critters. Roaches, mice, rats, spiders, snakes, and other creatures all like to find their way into garages. If you are going to be working out of your garage as an office, you will need to spend extra dollars to make sure your garage office stays bug free. Garage office ideas are good ones but the bugs can get in the way!


If you have extra space in your garage and you like to tinker and build things, you will be looking for some garage workshop ideas. If you are to turn your garage, or part of your garage into a workshop, you will need to be organized and make sure everything has a place.

If you are going to have a garage workshop where you do simple woodworking projects, you are going to need to make sure you have enough light. Install ample lighting that will make it a safe work area. One thing you can add in addition to great lights is to paint the walls white which helps reflect light and make the room it's brightest.

Any workshop needs electricity for your power tools and garages do not usually have more than a couple electrical outlets. If you are having a new house built you can have extra outlets put into your garage. If not, you may have to use extension cords to bring the outlets to you but make sure you use extension cords that are worthy of the task ahead.

Garage workshops need good air circulation especially in the summer months when it is hot. You should have fans installed or handy for those days when the garage is an uncomfortable place because of the heat. Additionally, if you are using your garage workshop to paint anything you also need to make sure there is proper ventilation.

You can install work benches and other items to make your garage workshop both comfortable and functional. Instead of a shop stool you might use an old office chair or something else that is more comfortable. Many people install flat screens in their garages now to provide some entertainment or some sort of a stereo system. Another useful garage workshop tip is to make sure you have enough space and are not working in cramped quarters. Working is a space that is too small can be dangerous.

With some thought and creativity, you can design a cool garage workshop that you will be proud to call your own.


New houses are being built with bigger garages than in the past. As garages get bigger, more and more people are using their garage as a storage space. I'm not talking about space to store your spare motorcycle parts, but storage for all those other things in life. That leaves them with a need for creative garage storage ideas to take advantage of all the space.

Most people turn to wall mounted shelving in their garages to provide storage space that is easily accessible. You can buy garage shelves that will cover the whole wall so that you have virtually no need to put anything on the floor. Another option that is available in all home improvement stores are free standing shelf units that you assemble yourself. You can buy as many of these units as needed and they are made out of either metal or strong plastic. You can move these around the garage any time you like which is an advantage over the permanent wall mounted shelves.

You can buy wall shelves that attach and hang from the ceiling to add even more garage storage space if you like. You might also use this garage idea if you have little space for storage on the sides of your garage. Units can be bought that will store a variety of things from heavy boxes to sporting equipment such as bicycles.

Garage storage cabinets should be used to store items which might be dangerous or hazardous especially if there are children around. You can buy garage cabinets that lock so that children cannot get in. These cabinets can also be used to store and organize any small items that might be easily lost or misplaced.

Piling up boxes stuffed with items is an obvious choice and what most people end up doing but this leaves and unenviable situation later. As the years go buy, not only do you forget what is in the boxes but if you have piled the boxes several rows high, many of them might not be easily accessible. This is one of the reasons why a well thought out garage storage ideas are the way to go before things get unmanageable.


If you need extra room in your house you might think about building a small apartment over your garage. Ther are many types of garage apartment plans and there are many things you can do with a garage apartment including using it as a living space for your college age son or daughter.

With these kinds of garage ideas, you will be adding valuable space that can be used in many ways and will add flexibiliy to your home. Not only that, but you will be adding value to your home as well when it comes time to sell. A garage apartment is great for a guest room because it give that extra feeling of privacy. For a guest that is staying for a longer period of time, that living space above the garage will work perfectly.

Depending on how you have it set up, you might even be able to rent this room if you need to. In that case it would have to have some form of outside entry so that the renter could come and go as they pleased like a real apartment. You also might have to get a garage door insulation kit. Many people also use their garage apartments for their parents when they get too old to have their own homes. This type of garage apartment plan allows the parents to still feel like they are somewhat on their own but with the added comfort that someone is close by if needed.

How about using this extra space as an office? For tax purposes, if you need to prove that your home office is separate from your home, an office over a detached garage is a perfect solution. Before you start building anything over your garage however, make sure you get all the local permits you might need from your city. You need permits now for almost anything you build it seems, so make sure you do all the necessary research before you get started with these types of garage ideas.


Have you given enough thought to your garage lighting ideas? Now if you are never going to spend any time in your garage then the lighting doesn't matter as much. But if you are going to make your garage into a workshop, gameroom, or anything else that is exciting, you need to have the proper lighting.

There are more than a few choices for your garage lighting. What you choose might depend on what you want to use the garage for. If it is going to be for a workshop, you should make sure you have very clear white light that amply lights up the work area. You will need to make sure you can see exactly what you are doing. Fluorescent lights along the ceiling would be a good choice for any type of a garage work environment. You might install a drop light right over the work area as well.

If you are going to use your garage or part of your garage for a gym, the light you choose might not be quite as important as it was for a workshop. The thing you want here is that the lighting looks appropriate for the gym area you have constructed. It is not necessary to have just one type of lighting in your garage. You might be using your garage to do different things and have seperate areas with different types of light.

A garage game room would probably look best with even a different lighting scheme. You might want to go check out game rooms in your area to see what kinds of lights they have. Many game rooms are dark or darkish so depending on what type of games or machines you have you might want to have a darker environment.

With any garage ideas, the proper type of lighting is important for functionality and to set up the theme of the room. Be creative with your lighting and you will find that the garage you have constructed takes on a different look and is a cooler space than you had ever imagined.


Cool garage ideas like this one are what makes life fun. Every guy would like to have a game room somewhere in his house and the garage might be a perfect place. A garage game room is great because it is somewhat removed from the rest of the house and you don't need to worry as much about bothering anyone. Many garages have ping pong tables in them but we are talking about a lot more than just ping pong here.

To do it right, any garage game room ideas have to include some sort of table game like foosball, pool, poker, or ping pong. Along with that you need to have some other cool game machines like pinball machines or video game machines. Maybe you want to do a retro garage game room and only have games from the past like Donkey Kong in it. Or maybe you want to have all pinball machines or all video games. Whatever you do, it always pays off you have some variety so that your Friends can all find something to enjoy.

The games you put into your garage game room are important but it is also important to have the right atmosphere. This might be a little tougher as you have to be creative with this one. The more you spruce up your garage the better the game room and the garage will look. Instead of keeping the boring concrete for a floor, you might think about getting some exciting garage floor paint and make a cool pattern. You will also need to paint the walls and fix them up so that they look like the walls of a game room or, at least not the walls of a garage.

Finding the right stools, chairs, and maybe even a couch will also help create the right mood for your game room in your garage. A soda machine will look great or you might put in a candy machine to help create the right game room feel. Whatever you do, the more creative you are with your garage game room the better and the more your friends will all want to hang out at your house!


One of the garage ideas you can do is to make your garage, or part of your garage, into a workout room. This will only work if you have a garage large enough to put a gym in. Most guys would want to make the whole garage a gym but of course that would leave no room for a car. Turning a section of your garage into a workout room might look something like the picture below.

It looks like there was room for a Foosball table there in the back of the garage which makes it look extra cool. If you can paint your garage walls a color that makes it look much better than the bland white as shown below. That garage gym looks fine but if you can invision the walls all being a dark red or blue you will see how much better the garage would look. Painting the walls and giving it some color goes toward making it a unique space and away from being ordinary.

In order to have a really cool garage workout room, you are going to have to give it some character. You need to treat it like any other room in the house and have some paintings or sports pictures or something that will liven up the garage walls in addition to a great paint job. A kick ass gym set will also make it look great along with any other workout equipment you might have. You will need a some sort of rubber garage mat to prevent slipping and to also help identify the space. With a nice rubber garage mat that covers the whole workout area, it will be easy to identify that space as the garage workout gym and that space belongs to you.

Along with any garage gym should be a flat screen LCD TV to watch while you workout. No gym is complete without that flat screen mounted on the garage wall. If you really want to do things right you might also install a stereo system to give you the option of TV or music while you workout.

One reason a garage is a good place for a workout room is because you can open it up anytime and have it air out. In the winter the temperature might be just right but in the summer your garage might get a bit hot. You will want to open or close the doors accordingly to help make it the right temperature. Having a great looking gym in your garage is one of those garage ideas that not everyone thinks about. It will give you a place you can call your own and a great place to hang out.


Welcome to Garage Ideas where we are going to explore all the cool things you can do with your garage. From making your garage into a garage game room to making a sports garage, these are the ideas every guy wants to hear. Since garages are usually the domain of the man of the house, most of these garage ideas are going to be for the guys. Sorry gals, but if you do have an idea you want to hear make sure you leave that idea in the comments.

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