Some guys (and a few gals) want to have cool garage floors. One way to do this is to put some sort of design on the grarage floor that make it look original. Many guys like to have their favorite sports team logo on the floor or some other custom design. Others just want a glossy garage floor like you see at the car dealer showrooms.

To do this you will need to get a floor coating kit that will work on concrete. This is usually an epoxy floor paint that you can do yourself. Of course, if you want something fancier than just a different color (like a log or design) you may need to hire a professional to do that.

The reason to use epoxy is that it is a tough coating that will last a long time and it works on concrete. You can clean it often and it is easy to maintain thus it maintains its great look. Preparing the concrete can be a bit difficult though, and you have to do a lot of up front work to get it on correctly. The best online source that shows you how to install the epoxy floor paint yourself is here. You need to make sure it is installed right the first time so that it will last and do the job you expect.

Giving their garage a personal touch is one of the garage ideas people are looking for when they set out to make upgrades. So often the extra space in a garage is not utilized and appreciated like it can be. People use that extra room in their garage for all sorts of things but they rarely think of doing anything special with the floor. Garage flooring can be made much more accomodating than the cold concrete or even dirt that is there now.