The garage is a place where most guys have control. Wives usually don't care that much about the garage and so the garage is a place where guys can express their creativity and if there is the extra room, design it however they like.

The avid sports fan needs a place to hang out, maybe watch a game or two, make some noise, put up some sports pictures and pennants, and do anything else they feel like. A big garage can be the perfect place to make your sports room.

Turning your big garage into a sports fan's game room and viewing room is a garage idea that many guys would like to do. Talk about cool garage ideas! You could also add a garage gym into the mix if you want the total guys garage.

You can start with the garage flooring and get your favorite teams logo on the garage floor mats. This sets the tone for the whole area and you can follow that up with a nice LCD flat screen TV hanging from one of the walls. You want to make sure you have hooks to hang all your sports equipment or you might even have lockers to put it in. Lockers that look like sports lockers will create the best looking sports garage possible. Sport lockers in your garage will make it look super cool.

You will then want to paint your garage walls with your favorite team colors to really make things look sick. If you are really talented you might paint your team's logo as well. Painting the garage walls is something everyone can do to make the garage look like a real room rather than an unfinished part of the house.

After that you can complete the garage with pictures, pennants, memorabelia, or anything else you have to create the right sports fan team environment. You can add a ping pong table or pool table if you have room or a comfy couch to watch the games on. A refregerator for gold drinks and snacks along with a microwave will turn this sport fan's garage idea into reality!

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