Cool garage ideas like this one are what makes life fun. Every guy would like to have a game room somewhere in his house and the garage might be a perfect place. A garage game room is great because it is somewhat removed from the rest of the house and you don't need to worry as much about bothering anyone. Many garages have ping pong tables in them but we are talking about a lot more than just ping pong here.

To do it right, any garage game room ideas have to include some sort of table game like foosball, pool, poker, or ping pong. Along with that you need to have some other cool game machines like pinball machines or video game machines. Maybe you want to do a retro garage game room and only have games from the past like Donkey Kong in it. Or maybe you want to have all pinball machines or all video games. Whatever you do, it always pays off you have some variety so that your Friends can all find something to enjoy.

The games you put into your garage game room are important but it is also important to have the right atmosphere. This might be a little tougher as you have to be creative with this one. The more you spruce up your garage the better the game room and the garage will look. Instead of keeping the boring concrete for a floor, you might think about getting some exciting garage floor paint and make a cool pattern. You will also need to paint the walls and fix them up so that they look like the walls of a game room or, at least not the walls of a garage.

Finding the right stools, chairs, and maybe even a couch will also help create the right mood for your game room in your garage. A soda machine will look great or you might put in a candy machine to help create the right game room feel. Whatever you do, the more creative you are with your garage game room the better and the more your friends will all want to hang out at your house!

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