Garages are becoming a place where you can do some very cool things. Many garages are being made bigger now and that give people the option of turning part of their garage into an extra space for doing projects and hobbies. The newest form of garage is a tandem garage that has enough room for two cars side by side and then one car ahead of one of the other cars.

The tandem garage is kind of awkward for parking three cars but it can be done. More often though, people will use that extra space for storage or some other purpose. Here are some of the cool garage ideas people are doing with their tandem garages:

1) garage workout room or gym
2) garage office
3) garage workshop or woodworking room
4) garage hobby room
5) garage game room complete with flat screens and couches
6) garage daycare room (not so cool but practicle)
7) garage sports room or fan room
8) garage apartment or bedroom
9) garage pool room
10) garage poker room to get together with the guys

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