If you own a house you have at least one garage door and maybe two. These doors are heavy and go up and down multiple times a day powered by a garage door opener. If you installed the opener on your door yourself, then you will probably have no problem with any garage door repair that needs to be done. But if you paid someone to come out and install it, what do you do if it suddenly malfunctions.

You might encounter two types of problems. The first is where the door is all the way shut or open and suddenly it won't move. You push your remote button over and over and nothing happens. The other situation is where your door starts to open or close and then grinds to a halt midway.

In either in case, something is probably wrong with the opener itself or with the tracks and springs that are used to open and close the door. The first thing to do in any garage door repair job is to check the remote for batteries and then check to make sure the electricity is on. Either of these could be the cause.

The next step is to make sure the metal tracks the door wheels run through are not jammed or bent in some way that is preventing movement. Garage doors are heavy and things can happen quickly if something gets of the tracks. If your garage door won't open or close it has to be something wrong with either the opener or the tracks and springs that the door runs along.

If you have checked everything and can't figure out what is wrong, find a neighbor that might be able to help you. If that doesn't work then you should call the company that originally installed the opener and tell them you need some garage door repair ideas or help.

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