There are lots of things you can do to your garage floors to make them look cool but by far the most popular garage flooring ideas are laying down tiles that create a pattern.

Usually these are tiles that snap together so they are pretty easy to install. The difficult part is figuring how many to order and how to get the design you want. It is best to call first before you order so that you can ask questions and understand exactly how it is done. The more questions you ask and research you do before you order, the better your chances of ordering the right thing.

There are several companies that make this kind of snap on garage floor tile but the leader is RaceDeck. You can go to their website to have most of your questions answered and they are rated A+ from the BBB.

Another option is the company at You can also see that they have the snap together garage floor tiles like in the picture below.

The great thing about installing this kind of cool garage flooring is that it is also very durable and resistant to the elements. Not only will your floors look great and reflect a little of your personality but they will also be protected.


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Kurt said...

Great point, but a common problem with patterned tiles is the sides. Sometimes the pattern doesn't fit the sides and corners and ends abruptly.