Have you given enough thought to your garage lighting ideas? Now if you are never going to spend any time in your garage then the lighting doesn't matter as much. But if you are going to make your garage into a workshop, gameroom, or anything else that is exciting, you need to have the proper lighting.

There are more than a few choices for your garage lighting. What you choose might depend on what you want to use the garage for. If it is going to be for a workshop, you should make sure you have very clear white light that amply lights up the work area. You will need to make sure you can see exactly what you are doing. Fluorescent lights along the ceiling would be a good choice for any type of a garage work environment. You might install a drop light right over the work area as well.

If you are going to use your garage or part of your garage for a gym, the light you choose might not be quite as important as it was for a workshop. The thing you want here is that the lighting looks appropriate for the gym area you have constructed. It is not necessary to have just one type of lighting in your garage. You might be using your garage to do different things and have seperate areas with different types of light.

A garage game room would probably look best with even a different lighting scheme. You might want to go check out game rooms in your area to see what kinds of lights they have. Many game rooms are dark or darkish so depending on what type of games or machines you have you might want to have a darker environment.

With any garage ideas, the proper type of lighting is important for functionality and to set up the theme of the room. Be creative with your lighting and you will find that the garage you have constructed takes on a different look and is a cooler space than you had ever imagined.

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find a cool way of lighting my garage. I don't use it as a workshop but do keep tools in it and set stuff up in there. I was thinking about some LED type lighting but I wanted something that automatically came into effect as the car came in the garage yet also had the option of turning on if I was just going into the garage one day. Ideas greatly received ;)